Brisbane boardroom breakfast series
| contracting with Government.


Get your business GAME-ready to compete for $180 billion in government contract opportunities leading up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympics!

It is expected that the Brisbane 2032 Olympics will generate $180 billion worth of government contracts, representing an unprecedented opportunity to do business with the government, and realise new revenue streams and business growth.

Whether you're new to government contracting or looking to refine your approach to procurement processes, working out where to start when faced with a government request for tender can be daunting. Even businesses that excel at delivering commercial solutions, may find government contracting to be unfamiliar and complex to navigate, giving rise to questions like - 

Are we equipped to identify risk in the tendering stage, especially at a contractual level?Do we have sufficient in-house expertise or access to strategic legal advice?Do we know how to negotiate contract terms if successful?

The latest Moulis Legal Boardroom Breakfast series, Contracting with Government, will help get you in shape and more confident to compete in government tender processes, with a better understanding of the complexities of government contracts and the potential business implications.

All three sessions will be at Moulis Legal, located at in our Brisbane office, Level 4, Kings Row Four, 235 Coronation Drive, Milton.

Save the dates, attend all or pick and choose the most relevant to you. We look forward to enjoying a light networking breakfast from 8.00am, followed by the presentation and Q&A at 8:30am. 


🔑 Tuesday 19 March | The essentials of entering into government contracts – the devil’s in the details


This session focuses on the fundamentals of procurement, tendering, and contract negotiation. Moulis Legal special counsel Lucinda Watson will discuss the ins and outs of engaging with government entities and share invaluable insights to help you negotiate a successful contract. This session has passed. To request the presentation, email 


📋Tuesday 16 April | Managing government contracts – compliance is the blueprint to success


Maintaining compliance is key in government contracting. This session delves into effective contract management strategies, ensuring your business understands (and adheres to) the agreed upon terms and conditions. Moulis Legal special counsel Lucinda Watson will help unpack the nuances of government agreements and provide tips on how to sustain a prosperous and compliant partnership with the government.


🚨 tuesday14 May | Navigating disputes in government contracts – strategies for avoiding and handling issues


Even with the best planning in place, disputes can arise. In this session, Dispute Resolution senior associate Mitchell Scott addresses the complexities of conflict resolution within government contracts, helping your business prepare to tackle challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities. Learn how to identify potential issues early, negotiate effectively, and employ dispute resolution techniques to protect your interests.


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Key contacts
Lucinda Watson
Special Counsel
Mitchell Scott
Senior Associate