The farm may be where this all starts but it’s a long way from the finish line. Business set-up, water rights, access issues, intellectual property ownership, financing and food laws all stand between you and the market place.

Agribusiness is big business in Australia.

Agribusiness is big business in Australia. A client needs an agribusiness law firm that understands the issues faced in fields, pastures, and vineyards and how those issues relate to what goes on in company boardrooms and courts.

Legal services for agribusiness and viticulture

At Moulis Legal, our services cover initial investment, both foreign and domestic; securing physical and natural rights; ensuring biotechnology is protected; moving products to market; complying with environmental laws; negotiating trade contracts and exportation; understanding local and international regulation, and accommodating consumer rights.

Viticulture takes place through a number of corporate models, from major investment vehicles all the way to collaborative investment and specialised or “hobby” winemaking entities. Moulis Legal can tailor the structure you need and advise on the commercial and regulatory factors that will impact your production and sales.