Sensitive and swift management of operationally critical disputes is essential to safeguard your company’s commercial interests and business continuity. Our dispute resolution team provides results-focused advice at every stage of the dispute process. 

All commercial endeavours across every industry sector are vulnerable to disputes with the potential to damage valuable relationships and business opportunities. The risk of exposure is amplified for companies engaged in global trading, with conflicts arising frequently through contractual breaches, trade secret infringements, and disagreements over international trade regulations. When critical connections and dealings are at stake, you need a commercially focused dispute resolution and litigation lawyer.

Moulis Legal is an adept problem solver, working with clients to resolve their commercial and regulatory conflicts with resilience, confidence, and minimal disruption to their operations. We are a highly respected commercial and international trade law specialist with a reputation for quickly and carefully  surmounting complex, high-stakes challenges and sensitively managing important relationships for our clients, both in Australia and overseas.

Our emphasis on fluent client communication, well-informed cost control, and accomplishing excellent results, coupled with our commercial law credentials and unique international trade expertise, makes us an agile, market leader in dispute resolution services.

Typically, clients come to our dispute resolution lawyers when they have a unique problem with significant commercial ramifications for their international dealings. We manage the process from the moment a problem develops through to litigation by employing strategic negotiation and compromise, intelligent utilisation of the Court process, and devising extra-legal solutions to deliver favourable outcomes for our clients’ businesses.




Moulis Legal approaches business-critical conflicts with innovation, enthusiasm, and commitment to achieve efficient, commercial, and cost-effective solutions.

We are highly experienced in guiding businesses in the agile management and resolution of commercial and regulatory disputes across Australia, Asia, and globally. Our team is skilled in capably managing intricate legal challenges and high-stakes relationships, navigating all levels of issues, irrespective of their magnitude or complexity.

Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers provide counsel across multiple industry sectors and are exceptionally well-regarded for their work for domestic and international import and export businesses in diverse areas including in contract, trade and customs, cross border, and intellectual property disputes. We also offer expertise in competition and consumer, regulatory and compliance, and procurement disputes, with particular experience in judicial reviews.

Our dispute resolution lawyers employ their strengths in strategic thinking, prospect evaluation, procedural accuracy, and commercial awareness to resolve disputes tactically and efficiently.

We can help find solutions


Moulis Legal takes the time to learn about our client’s businesses and their commercial goals. We work with clients to ensure compliance and due diligence in their commercial dealings to carefully avert disputes arising.

When inescapable, our dispute resolution lawyers are uncompromising in tackling conflict in a way that is commercially focused and business centric to our clients. We approach all matters with creativity and imagination, strategising innovative and alternative mechanisms to settle disputes and overcome arguments by other parties, while also identifying commercial opportunities during the conduct and resolution of a matter.

We are equipped to respond when clients approach us at every stage of a conflict, working with them from mediation and litigation through to international commercial arbitration and ISDS. Where a resolution cannot be reached out of court, our team of dispute resolution and litigation lawyers is experienced in all areas of commercial litigation.



We deliver wide-ranging legal services tailored to both our local and global clients. Our dispute resolution lawyers offer expert counsel across the gambit of legal avenues, coupled with dedicated representation across various judicial and dispute resolution platforms. These include domestic courts, specialist tribunals, and arbitral tribunals in various jurisdictions.

When litigation is required, our commercial litigation lawyers are well-placed to appear for our clients in all state Courts, the Federal Court of Australia, and the High Court of Australia. Our expertise extends to international courts, with our team representing international clients in the European Court of Justice and the US Court of International Trade. We also offer agency services in Australia for overseas law firms.



Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers provide a wide range of services. However, we offer specialist litigation and dispute resolution services in several areas:

Trade defence for international businesses

Our team has extensive expertise in matters of trade defence for international businesses facing unfair and anti-competitive conduct within their industry, including dealing with cartel conduct, misuse of market power, consumer protection and misleading and deceptive conduct.

Cross-border disputes

We represent clients in formal legal proceedings in relation to various domestic and cross-border commercial and administrative law disputes. Representation of our international clients has taken us to hearing across the world, from the European Court of Justice to the US International Trade Commission.

Regulatory investigations and prosecutions

Our team manages and responds to regulatory investigations and prosecutions, including compliance with customs regulations and Australian standards, as well as reviews and appeals of regulatory decisions regarding trade, customs, country of origin and property, and parliamentary inquiries.

Intellectual property rights

We advise clients in the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights in Australia and internationally, including trade mark oppositions, and court and arbitration proceedings in various jurisdictions in relation to copyright, trademarks, designs, and trade secrets.

Alternative dispute resolution

We engage in various forms of alternative dispute resolution, from domestic mediation and litigation through to international commercial arbitration and investor state dispute settlement (ISDS). We also advise clients in cross-border commercial disputes, including mediation and arbitration proceedings.

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