Confession chosen as the cure for government grant grievances


In many countries, using government grants to influence voting preferences is almost a national sport. Politicians are often accused of discriminating between grant applicants for ulterior motives, and subsequent inquiries often prove these accusations to be true.


Brexit GDPR


With the expiry of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer subject to European Union (EU) law, which includes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Queensland makes QR codes compulsory


In the light of the recent COVID flare-ups in Sydney, and hot on the heels of the ACT’s launch of its Check In CBR app, Queensland has announced that venues in the State will now be required to use electronic devices or QR codes to maintain registers of guests.


Underarm delivery


There is hardly an aspect of modern professional sport that remains untouched by commercial sponsorship.  Team kits and track-side hoardings have always been obvious targets for sponsors’ logos (check out any F1 car or driver for a masterclass in space allocation) and the landscape has only been getting more crowded.


Back in Black


Black Friday is a US institution that has been eagerly adopted across the capitalist world. Falling on the day after Thanksgiving, it traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season and has become economically significant even in countries which lack the same cultural background.


Of pedantry and promotion – Adani’s brave move


The Australian arm of the Adani Group has announced a rebrand, now to be known as Bravus. Best known for its involvement with Queensland’s controversial Carmichael coal mine, the company is adamant that it is not trying to shake off the negative image painted by the environmental warriors who emerged in force (both in public and in parliament) in opposition to the project.