we understand the energy and commitment that goes into establishing a business and making it grow. 

We have extensive experience from drafting foundation agreements, through to assisting with financing the growth of the enterprise, securing valuable intellectual property rights and drafting commercialisation agreements.

We began life as a start-up several years ago, so we understand the energy and commitment that goes into establishing a business. We also know that spending time and resources getting your start-up company structure and processes right now can save a lot of effort into the future.

Startup lawyers

Moulis Legal’s award winning and highly regarded IP lawyers, patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are passionate about working with start-ups and have extensive knowledge in working with businesses to protect their IP.

IP protection in startups

As a new start-up, your intellectual property (IP) can be your most valuable asset. We can advise you on how to identify and protect your IP rights from the beginning of your operation. We understand that cash flow can be tight at the start up stage, so we will work with you to identify ways to protect IP in a cost effective and strategically staged sequence taking into account acquittal of grants that may be available, and  timeframes associated with effective utilisation of international treaties (such as the Patent Co-Operation Treaty for patents, Paris Convention and Madrid Protocol for trade marks).

Any IP that predates the creation of the company structure is usually the property of the founders. In this case, we can assist to transfer the IP to any new operating structure such as the company, while ensuring you derive value from it as a shareholder.

Together with your accountant, we can advise on suitable operating structures, and put together foundation agreements such as a shareholders agreement if operating as a company.

As you scale and take on employees, you can protect the IP created with a well-drafted employment agreement that protects IP, confidential information and know how, while impose suitable restraints on departing employees.

Moulis Legal’s focus on commercial and international transactions means that as you grow, you can be assured we have the experience and expertise to be by your side every step of the way.