In an era defined by rapid and disruptive digital transformation, mastering the nuances of technology law is integral to your organisation’s ability to seize growth opportunities while mitigating exposure to potential risks.

Emerging regulatory challenges, heightened data privacy concerns, and complex intellectual property issues, together with the global push for efficiency and sustainability, have ushered in a surge of revolutionary technologies. These advancements are swiftly permeating every industry across the globe, digitising time-honoured processes and compelling businesses to re-evaluate their operational blueprints. Agility in adapting and innovating is paramount in this fast-paced environment and the increasingly interconnected global marketplace.

Moulis Legal stands at the forefront of this digital frontier. We are a distinguished Australian law firm known for our sharp focus on the intersection of technology and law. Our comprehensive understanding of the digital economy, bolstered by a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to product commercialisation, data management, procuring ICT solutions, and complying with industry regulators, sets us apart in this rapidly evolving space.

Our multidisciplinary team believes in adapting to and leading change, navigating the intricacies of technology law in areas including technology licensing, data ownership, cloud-based storage, security interests, and cross-jurisdictional data protection laws. We understand that each commercial transaction our clients enter into in the technology sector can significantly impact their operations. Hence, we offer our guidance with careful consideration of both the legal and commercial implications.

From advising start-ups on safeguarding their innovative ideas, assisting established corporations in navigating complex tech contracts, to guiding government entities through ICT procurement processes, our technology lawyers’ deliver insightful legal solutions that are customised to your unique circumstances with an unmatched level of competence and precision.




Moulis Legal continues to shape the future, one legal innovation at a time. Rooted in our commercial focus and international legal expertise, we provide a distinctive edge in the rapidly evolving procurement law and technology law landscape.

Our understanding of both the technical intricacies and legal dynamics of the digital space positions us to make your ICT project successful, commercially viable, and regulatory compliant.

With a distinguished background in technology law, Moulis Legal has successfully helped our clients meet their business objectives, navigating the evolving complexities of the field and developing cutting-edge solutions on significant projects and high-level advisory work.

Our lawyers have deep expertise and strong reputation in information and communications technology law including significant experience advising government entities on large scale ICT procurement. We also act for a significant number of large, medium, and small private sector ICT clients.

Our breadth of experience spans critical areas of technology law, including intellectual property, data ownership, licensing of third-party materials, privacy and security, data protection, and service levels, in addition to navigating risk apportionment. Invariably, we advise on a spectrum of matters such as software, hardware, apps, platforms, cloud computing, cyber security, and the burgeoning arena of blockchain technology.

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In our journey, we've had the privilege of representing an array of clients, from start-up developers to large-scale technology procurers. We've helped start-ups safeguard and commercialise their intellectual property while navigating potential legal pitfalls when third-party engagements are required. Designing, drafting, and negotiating technology agreements has become second nature to us, thanks to our extensive experience in the field.

Our strong reputation in government ICT procurement activities has made us the go-to legal advisors for many government clients on large-scale ICT projects. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property, contracts, regulatory requirements, and international considerations, we've helped shape some of the most significant government technology procurements. Moreover, we've developed a niche in drafting tailored contracts, from development agreements, ICT integration agreements, software license and support agreements, to SaaS agreements and ICT Master Services Agreements.

Our technology lawyers have been involved in managing diverse ICT systems, assisting in their development, licensing, integration, support, and maintenance for various large-scale projects. We've helped our clients license and commercialise technology that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and products that interest the Commonwealth Government. Familiar with government precedent licenses, especially those from the Digital Transformation Agency, we ensure our clients stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

Moulis Legal understands the unique needs of medium-sized enterprises. We've facilitated their growth by implementing suitable contract mechanisms, and teaming and re-seller arrangements. Our team of technology lawyers is experienced in crafting and negotiating intricate contractual documents and terms for a diverse range of IT services, products, and platforms, including but not limited to SaaS, PaaS, and AI technology. We have has skillfully negotiated contract terms with multinational ICT corporations, ensuring a balanced apportionment of risk for our clients.

Leading the charge in blockchain and crypto innovation, we've offered invaluable legal advice to clients on setting up DAOs, issuing NFTs, and other tokens. We've ensured regulatory compliance, copyright clearance, and sound terms and conditions of NFT sale and ownership. Our trailblazing initiative of offering legal services via blockchain through our proprietary NFTs sets us apart as industry pioneers.



Our international focus and experience provide us with the unique expertise in the application of international law to domestic technology law matters in Australia. This skill has been invaluable in managing international and multi-jurisdictional agreements involving complex issues of technology use, data handling, and personal information.

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we have played a pivotal role in advising clients on their involvement in significant projects. We have also successfully navigated the interplay between Australian and UK data protection laws when negotiating terms for the supply of SaaS services across borders.



Our clients appreciate our holistic and commercially focused approach that allows them to maximise the benefits and opportunities presented by technology, while effectively managing and mitigating the associated risks.

Our technology lawyers’ expertise in commercial law, technology law, and procurement law is both broad and business centric. We have a reputation for our ability to strategically, timely, and expertly guide clients through the complexities of their technology law and procurement law requirements. Our work in the technology sector is distinguished by its wide-ranging capabilities across the array of technology law and procurement law matters, enabling us to offer an extensive suite of services and expertise that spans various tech industry sectors.

Our multidisciplinary team approach has equipped us with the ability to solve complex technology law issues in a collaborative and cohesive manner, delivering comprehensive services to our clients. Whether the challenge lies in contractual law disputes, IP rights, data privacy, cybersecurity, or regulatory compliance, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results, driven by the commitment to align with our clients' unique challenges, goals, and industry sectors.

At Moulis Legal, we believe that the intersection of technology and law is where the future of the commercial world is being shaped. Our dedicated team of experts, equipped with the legal acumen and commercial abilities, stands ready to navigate this future alongside you.

Our approach is personalised, comprehensive, and driven by an unwavering commitment to your success.

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