we bring experience and comprehensive knowledge to the complex matter of Australia-China trade, investment and disputation.

Expand your operations into China or bring your business to Australia with the help of Australia’s top-ranked international trade lawyers.

Doing business and investing in China

Managing the intricacies of cross-border commerce between China and Australia is no simple task. Whether you're an Australian company aiming to extend your operations into the bustling Chinese market, or a Chinese enterprise looking to make a mark on Australian soil, the challenges you face can be multifaceted and daunting.

In an ever-evolving landscape shaped by geopolitical shifts and shifting trade policies, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure you do too. Moulis Legal offers unparalleled depth of expertise that spans the gamut of legal, commercial, cultural, and policy considerations specifically related to Australia and China trade and business transactions—both within these nations and on the international stage.

We are Australia’s most credentialed and international trade law firm, with an international reputation for our work. Our lawyers bring decades of experience in providing counsel and representation to pivotal players in the Australia-China trade, investment, and regulatory spheres across both the private and public sectors, operating in either direction between the two nations.

Our lawyers are trusted advisers to clients in important cross-border projects in the industries and market sectors of agriculture, chemical, construction, electrical appliances, food, health, property, renewable/clean energy, services, steel, and technology.

Dually- qualified lawyers with a unique understanding of Australia-China trade dynamics

pragmatic understanding coupled with cultural sensitivity and understanding of policy frameworks

Our international trade acumen is not merely niche; it's finely tuned to address the specialised needs and nuances of trading and investing between these two economic powerhouses. We are recognised for our pragmatic understanding of the legalities involved, coupled with the cultural sensitivities and policy frameworks that can make or break a venture.

Combined with the cultural and linguistic advantages of guidance from Chinese lawyers based in Canberra, including fluency in Mandarin, Moulis Legal is an adept partner in Australia and China trade negotiations.

Our team's proficiency covers a wide spectrum of commercially focused legal services related to Australia and China trade, including but not limited to trade agreements, investment strategies, dispute resolution, intellectual property concerns, and regulatory compliance. We don't just offer advice; we offer tailored solutions that align with your business objectives, be they short-term milestones or long-term strategic goals.