extensive experience in overcoming regulatory obstacles, navigating IP minefields, observing consumer rights to ensure our clients' business goals are achieved.

The product on a webpage or in a shop or showroom has history. Engineers made it, but lawyers got it to market, overcoming regulatory obstacles, navigating IP minefields, observing consumer rights, and creating rights and obligations between multiple parties along the way.

Legal experts in manufacturing and supply chain industries

Moulis Legal has a strong focus on both manufacturing and new tech industries, and their international and domestic supply chains. Our network of manufacturing, trading, and supply chain clients and contacts is second-to-none.

How these companies get their products to market in a regulatory and commercial context is where we come in. Our specialist team of lawyers help these businesses maximise the opportunities presented by the internationalisation of business, and minimises the risks of doing so.

Digital traders, consolidators, gaming, and entertainment developers are breaking with convention. The disruption of tax systems, of traditional market dominance, and of settled employment patterns are all creating challenges for law makers, as well as risks for incumbents and new entrants alike. Moulis Legal protects you against those risks and resolves problems when they arise.