Kumudu Ramasundara

Patent and Trade Mark Attorney
Practice areas
Intellectual property law
Start-ups and innovation

Kumudu helps our clients protect and leverage their intellectual property assets. Kumudu has a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding in the three areas of intellectual property; patents, trade marks and designs. As Moulis Legal’s patent and trade mark attorney, he is an integral part of our intellectual property team.

Kumudu has worked in both private and public practice, drafting and filing PCT and trade mark applications as well as providing extensive patentability, trade mark and infringement advice. He has assisted many start-ups and is focused on the benefits of a strategic use of intellectual property. He provides invaluable expertise in protecting, maintaining and enforcing valuable IP rights.

As a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) subject matter expert, Kumudu has assisted countries in the Asia Pacific region in training staff and developing their IP systems. A senior IP Australia team member for 15 years before joining Moulis Legal, Kumudu is able to provide insights on the procedures of the Australian Patent Office, Australian Trade Marks Office and the Australian Designs Office.

Kumudu holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a Juris Doctor. He is also a member of Engineers Australia.

Kumudu very much likes travelling and experiencing the diversity and richness of other cultures, but gains most enjoyment from being with his family in beautiful Canberra.

Knowledge pieces by Kumudu Ramasundara
Sports technology, law and regulation - the battle of the super shoe

The tide in the Battle of the Supershoe race may have turned. Wearing a pair of latest Adidas road racing shoe at the 2023 Berlin Marathon, Ethiopia’s Tigist Assefa beat the standing record of 2 hours 14 minutes, by more than 2 minutes, leading commentators to speculate as to how a well-established world record could be broken by such a large margin.

Changes to .au domain name licensing rules

The .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), which administers rules for .au domain names in Australia, has announced some rule changes that will come into effect from today, 12 April 2021.

Parties go nuts over trade dress

The lid has been lifted on intellectual property rights associated with peanut butter trade dress and branding. This interesting trade dress case sees Kraft all dressed up with no place to go, other than an appeal to the High Court.