Our experience extends to renewable energy investment, due diligence and compliance for major energy and infrastructure projects.

Power generation is evolving. The uptake of solar, wind and hydrogen energy all require invention and adaptation of systems, both physical and legal.

Canberra’s place as the Federal capital, the Australian Capital Territory’s leading position in renewable energy, massive investment in Queensland’s resources, and Moulis Legal’s unique relationships with major national and international law firms have anchored and sustained our energy and infrastructure practice.

Experts in energy law

Moulis Legal has been involved in signing off renewable energy investment deals involving Commonwealth funding; undertaking due diligence on the ACT’s own solar and wind energy projects; advising on ACT law compliance for the construction and operation of Canberra’s metro transport system; and reporting on the legal implications of the uptake of hydrogen into the region’s gas infrastructure.

Our experience extends to the operations of the downstream petroleum industry, as well as the retailing of renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential landowners.