Technology law and procurement

Technology law covers a wide range of subject matter such as software (including SaaS), hardware, apps, platforms, cloud computing, and increasingly, these elements are being implemented via blockchain technology. Technology law also extends to cyber security, data protection and privacy, and is the basis for a number of Government procurement activities.

Specialist technology and ICT lawyers

Our specialist technology and ICT lawyers have experience providing legal services on large scale government projects requiring the development, licensing, implementation, integration, support, and maintenance of ICT systems. We understand that such arrangements will require a case by case consideration of IP and data ownership, licensing of third-party materials, privacy and security, service levels and risk apportionment (including in relation to the scope of indemnity, limitations on liability and exclusions from liability caps).

Moulis Legal acts on behalf of start-up developers through to large scale technology procurements.

Our start-up developers may be looking to protect and commercialise the IP in their products, apps, or services. Our lawyers are aware of the legal pitfalls developers need to avoid, especially when engaging third parties to develop components, and has extensive experience in designing, drafting, and negotiating technology agreements.

For medium-sized enterprises, Moulis Legal implements suitable contract mechanisms to provide ICT services, including software as a service (SaaS), or expand operations through teaming and re-seller arrangements. When contracting or teaming with large multi-national ICT companies, these entities may insist on using their contract terms. Here, our technology and ICT lawyers can assist in negotiating terms and conditions to reflect a more suitable apportionment of risk.

ICT contracts

Larger scale ICT contracts increasingly require commercial lawyers who understand IP, contracts, regulatory requirements, and international considerations.

Our team of highly regarded lawyers has experience in drafting and negotiating large scale technology contracts. We have expertise acting for Government in drafting technology contracts, or acting for respondents to Government technology procurements, including drafting compliance statements.

Moulis Legal’s commercial and international expertise make us well placed to assist. We advise and work with our clients to achieve best possible outcomes that achieve their business goals.

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