Public and administrative law

The role of government in Australian society is wide-ranging and subtle. Every business needs to deal with legislation and regulation, every individual is impacted by government decisions, and every government entity is empowered to act so far as is legally permissible.

What is administrative law?

Administrative law is the law of government, it sets out intricate principles to which government decisions must comply and provides rules for decoding complex legislation and regulations.

Moulis Legal is a leading adviser to clients in their dealings with government. Our strategic advantage is in our deep knowledge of administrative and public law principles and our ability to apply this knowledge to the interpretation of legislation in a rational and holistic manner to achieve best client outcomes. We understand the political, social and commercial sensitivities of government legislation and government processes, along with having the expertise to skilfully navigate and help our clients to achieve their goals.

Via this expertise, we have been able to resolve many client matters in an efficient and economic fashion, through negotiation with government decision-makers, and on a number of occasions have settled proceedings in favour of our clients prior to going to Court. If matters progress, then in coordination with our disputes resolution team, we have had significant matters decided in the best interests of our clients.

Public and administrative lawyers

Our team of public and administrative lawyers specialise in the comprehensive understanding of the powers, functions and obligations of the government and advise clients on how best to navigate the elaborate matter of government legislation. Of particular note, and in-keeping with Moulis Legal’s international focus, we have unique expertise in the application of international law to domestic Australian matters. Our team has experience advising a broad range of entities across all aspects of public and administrative law, including statutory interpretation, judicial review, merits review, freedom of information claims and privacy legislation.

Our public and administrative lawyers have the expertise, proactive attitude, and access to the full spectrum of legal tools to ensure we deliver the best value to our clients.

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Alistair Bridges
Special Counsel and Head of Regulatory