Being mentored by such
talented lawyers
is an amazing opportunity.

for me,
moulis a
great place
to work…
  • Studied at Bond University
  • Joined Moulis Legal July 2018
  • Enjoys camping, fishing and hiking
  • Expertise:
    Dispute resolution

What makes Moulis Legal a great place to work?

The work at Moulis Legal is interesting, challenging and niche. We do not do process driven law, but instead work with global companies on large complex matters. Similarly, the quality of work produced and expected by the firm, matches the calibre of client. Being involved in matters of this size as an early career lawyer, while also being mentored by such talented lawyers, has been an amazing opportunity.

Moulis Legal also acknowledges and utilises the unique skills and experience brought to the firm by each member of the team. All employees are treated with respect and their opinions valued. Having started with Moulis Legal as a paralegal and progressing to law graduate then lawyer, I have been provided with significant opportunity to be involved in a broad range of matters and projects.

The treatment from senior
members of staff has been

How is Moulis Legal different to other law firms you’ve worked at?

Some firms have an excessive focus on billable hours, a lack of work life balance and poor staff and/or management relationships. Since joining Moulis Legal, I can say that not only does the firm not have these issues but takes active steps to avoid them. We do not have billable targets, but instead focus on value for the client. Work life balance is respected with flexible work options and a healthy focus on maintaining life outside of work. Finally, the firm discourages practice area ‘silos’, instead fostering a collegiate working environment across practice areas.

Work life balance is
valued at Moulis Legal.

What draws people to work at Moulis Legal?

People are drawn to work at Moulis Legal because, quite simply, it is a great place to work. The opportunity to work on large matters, for large clients, coupled with the chance to work with excellent lawyers who produce high quality work, all while maintaining a life outside of work, is a key reason for employees joining Moulis Legal.

Excellent lawyers, producing excellent work.

How would you describe our culture?

Moulis Legal is client and results driven. We work collegiately within each office and nationally to produce high quality results for our clients.

The firm values the input of each employee and fosters an environment which recognises, utilises, and develops the strengths of each employee, allowing them to reach their potential and achieve their professional goals.

We work collegially within each office and interstate.