International trade transactions and regulation

Moulis Legal is globally recognised as a premium provider of full-service representation in complex international business law matters. Our team of respected lawyers are skilled in international law, Australian law, data analysis and advocacy. We are well positioned to provide expert and strategic advice regarding trade defence, import and export controls, sanctions compliance, free trade agreement negotiation, WTO dispute procedures and international dispute resolution.

Lawyers with international expertise 

We are truly international. Our lawyers’ extensive experience and training related to multiple legal jurisdictions which ensure we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses engaging in transactions, disputes, and investments in foreign countries. We have managed court and administrative procedures within Australia and internationally, with our international experience extending to Argentina, Brazil, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the European Union, the United States of America and China. Our boutique legal firm has extensive experience and an unparalleled record representing iconic Australian companies and NGOs, multinational giants, foreign exporters and foreign governments and their agencies in international trade law matters.

Legal advisory experience and expertise

Moulis Legal has provided legal advisory to many of the major anti-dumping investigations instituted in the last decade. Through our legal expertise, numeracy and willingness to travel anywhere in the world, we offer full-service representation to our clients – assisting in data gathering and analysis, crafting legally consistent margin defences and material injury strategies and advocating at every step of the way in our client’s interests. Through this comprehensive and thorough representation, we are able to leverage optimal outcomes for our clients in these matters time and time again.

Cross border transactions

Our team of award-winning and highly regarded lawyers understand the complex regulations that comes with conducting cross-border transactions, the overlapping requirements of different jurisdictions, both domestic and international law, and the harsh consequences arising from non-compliance. Through our thorough understanding of law, economics and data, our trade law team has secured commercially significant outcomes for our clients.

Business requires certainty, yet the international legal framework is constantly changing. Moulis Legal’s trade team has the knowledge, the experience and the steady-hands required to make sure you are trading with certainty

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