Corporate and commercial law

Moulis Legal’s commercial and international expertise is underpinned by our business and commercial advisory services. Our business and commercial advisory team acts on behalf of start-up business ventures, not-for-profit entities, small to medium enterprises and publicly listed corporations.

Business and commercial advisory services

Moulis Legal’s business and commercial advisory services generally fall into one of three categories – transactional, service related or regulatory. Our transactional and service-related offering includes drafting and negotiating a range of agreements to meet the requirements of the relevant transaction or service. This includes preparing term sheets, conducting due diligence, and preparing as well as reviewing documents ranging from asset and business acquisitions, standard contractual terms, service agreements, supply agreements, franchise, and distribution agreements in addition to employment related documents.

Our business and commercial advisory team works closely with our international trade lawyers as well as our IP lawyers when working on larger scale international transactions such as multinational joint venture, supply, or distribution arrangements.

Regulatory services

Our regulatory services include providing unparalleled experience and advice to clients in regulated industries including broadcasting, telecommunications, utilities, online gaming, and aviation. In addition to industry specific regulations, our expert team of lawyers advise on compliance with regulatory laws which affect a number of business transactions, such as competition, privacy, consumer contracts and trade-related issues. We can also coordinate any international advice required via our extensive relationships with advisers around the world.

Moulis Legal’s expertise in commercial and corporate advisory is both broad and commercially focused. We understand that each commercial transaction entered into by our clients is important to them and the ramifications of not getting it right can have both legal and commercial consequences.

Commercial and corporate advisory

Drawing on our commercial legal advisory services and international expertise, we take the time to understand the underlying objectives of each commercial matter, ensuring negotiations are tailored and agreements are structured to achieve those objectives. We have in-depth knowledge across multiple sectors and work closely with clients, including not-for-profits, start-ups, SMEs, national and international organisations, as well as local, state, and federal governments.

Corporate governance and compliance

Our corporate advisory work includes aspects of corporate governance and compliance, whether it be directors’ duties, compliance with data protection and privacy rules, or relevant stock-exchange rules, regulations, and investor communications. Where necessary, we can also help identify where businesses may be subject to foreign regulations and can coordinate international advice via our extensive relationships with corporate advisories around the world. We work with our clients in a collaborative way to ensure they fully understand important corporate governance issues and developments.

Corporate transactions

At Moulis Legal, we have extensive experience working on corporate transactions and corporate governance issues, both nationally and internationally. Our clients value our willingness to think creatively and provide pragmatic, individualised advice, suited to their industry and objectives. Our goals are to: use our expertise, experience and reputation to deliver quality results in an efficient manner; do the very best for our clients as they go into a transaction; and to build strong, lasting relationships that allow us to continue providing support and guidance as their business grows and evolves.

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