Moulis Legal celebrates 10 years


On Thursday 29 October, Moulis Legal gathered at the Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra with valued clients, friends and colleagues to celebrate a decade of confidence and success.

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L-R: Isabel Wormald; Melissa Miller; Sam Kreitals; Patrick Polis; Alistair Bridges | Gillian Beaumont; Jonathan Beaumont; Minister-Counsel Huang

Daniel Moulis, principal partner, took the opportunity to reflect on the many achievements and milestones for the firm in its 10 short years, and to highlight the unique culture which is at the heart of our service delivery.

In considering the future, he said:

We are growing, in a way that is designed to make sure that our culture and our camaraderie stay intact. Corporatisation is not for us. You could instead call it propagation, and that’s how I’d prefer to look at it. A reproduction and spreading of what we have managed to create – bigger, better, and maintaining our essential culture.

Daniel also used the occasion to recognise the special relationships we have developed with our clients in the last decade:

To all of our clients over that time, and to all of our clients today, we say thank you. Thanks for sharing your ideas and ambitions with us, and in trusting us to help you succeed.

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L-R: Charles Zhan; Ren Shuyuan | Henry Kazar; Steve Morrissey

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L-R: Jo Metcalfe; Karen Warner; Andrew Warner; Suzanne Moulis | Emily Murphy; Christopher Hewitt; Macky Markar; Alexandra Geelan

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L-R: Lauren Gray; Gordon Lowe | Philip Walker; Lisa Eldridge

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L-R: Alexandra Geelan; Gillian Beaumont; Stella Creighton; Suzanne Moulis; Shaun Creighton | Shaun Creighton; Michael Will

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L-R: Chris Vincent; Alistair Bridges | Robert Johnson; Minister-Counsel Huang; Liu Keyi