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Australia-China trade deal – prospects and pitfalls

In recent announcements, the Australian and Chinese Governments have suggested that they will re-energise their free trade agreement (“FTA”) negotiations. New enthusiasm for this initiative will be welcomed by traders and investors. 

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Changes to environmental impact study requirements in the ACT

According to the 2010 Scorecard of Red Tape Reform released by the Australian Business Council, the Australian Capital Territory (“ACT”) is the worst jurisdiction in Australia for “red tape” in business regulation. 

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Export regulation – the WTO’s blind spot?

The Members who have negotiated the GATT and the WTO Agreements have to date focussed on the self-interest of their own producers to sell “stuff” to customers in the territories of other Members. 

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Australian governments change voltage in renewable energy tariffs, again

Commercial renewable energy operators and electricity customers have again been jolted by changes to Australian feed-in tariff (“FiT”) rates.

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Feed-in tariff jumble – a failure of leadership and a disincentive for investment

The new climate change mantra for both of Australia’s major political parties is practical action targeted towards reducing Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels and pollution intensive energy sources. 

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Statutory demands: An easy way to make your debtors pay?

Overdue commercial debts impede the cash flow of a company. Restricted cash flow increases interest cost, prevents due payment of your own debts, and can ultimately lead to insolvency. Many late payers are simply habitual, and will eventually meet their obligations after steadily more insistent reminders. 

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Artful strategy stops foreign litigant from suing in Australia

In response to the commencement of legal proceedings, defendants are usually advised by their legal advisers that they can admit and pay the claim, or defend against the claim. However those are not always the only two options. 

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Making sense of “copyright” in a “copycat” world

Three recent cases have intensified the attention of business and the public on the value of copyright and how it can be captured, or lost, in our increasingly interconnected electronic world. Hollywood, Telstra and that iconic Australian rock band Men At Work were all playing the copyright “game”. 

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Property development in Canberra – “live, work and play” gets serious

The object of Canberra’s Territory Plan is to ensure that planning and development provide the people of the ACT with an attractive, safe and efficient environment in which to live, work and play. 

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Streamlining movement of goods is the goal of draft WTO trade facilitation treaty

Streamlining and expediting the movement of goods across international borders through simplified, transparent customs procedures is essential to boost trade and economic growth. This is called “trade facilitation”. WTO negotiations on trade facilitation began in July 2004, on the basis of the mandate set out in the so-called “July Package”.

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