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Queensland ethanol mandate discussion paper released

The Queensland Government has released its discussion paper proposing the introduction of an ethanol mandate in Queensland. The discussion paper – Towards a Clean Energy Economy: Achieving a Biofuel Mandate for Queensland – sets out the parameters of the proposed system. It announces the Government’s preference for a 2% ethanol mandate commencing on 1 July 2016.

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Urban encroachment – will Canberra’s wild west stay wild?

The proposal by the Federal Government to relinquish planning control over presently undeveloped land to the west of Canberra has sparked strong debate. The land – on both sides of the Molonglo and Murrumbidgee River corridors, and in Namadgi National Park and the western Tuggeranong Valley – is presently locked away from development because of National Capital Authority (“NCA”) controls. 

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Podcast – protecting your intellectual property in China

Moulis Legal’s Christopher Hewitt, Emily Murphy and Macky Markar discuss how Australian businesses can protect their intellectual property in China using legal, administrative and commercial strategies.

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Podcast: Structuring your business venture in China

The proposed China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) will open up new opportunities for Australian businesses interested in accessing the dynamic Chinese marketplace. Australian businesses are exploring investment and business opportunities in China and often have many questions about how to operate in China’s unique and challenging business environment.

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Queensland Parliament moves closer towards an ethanol mandate

Last night the Queensland Liberal National Party, supported by both sides of Parliament, passed a minority proposal for the establishment of an ethanol implementation board and expressed support for an ethanol fuel mandate in Queensland. Christopher Hewitt of Moulis Legal has provided an outline on the impact of this controversial motion.

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Opposing land development in Canberra – light rail to the High Court

Last year, the ACT Government controversially sought to prevent objections being made by third parties against major projects – for example, the major “light rail” project. This was to be done by defining areas as “special precinct[s]”. The proposal “provoked significant public opposition… and sparked a bitter debate in the ACT Assembly”,[1] forcing the government to back down.

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A snapshot of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement – what we know and what’s still to be discovered

On 17 November 2014 the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, signed a declaration of intent for the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (known as “the ChAFTA”).

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Acquiring downstream petroleum assets – the business of buying risk

The Australian petroleum industry is going through a period of significant change. Small volume refineries – inefficient in world terms – have closed down. Demand for fuel in Australia shows no signs of abating, and our reliance on imported fuel has grown.

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Somebody owes you money? Make a statutory demand

Cash flow is crucial to the efficient running of a business. Mounting debt can significantly affect the operations of your company, result in increased interest costs and cause you to be unable to meet your own financial liabilities. If not addressed, debts can reach critical levels and will ultimately lead to insolvency.

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Petroleum supply “take or pay” agreements – high volumes, high stakes

Each year 40 billion litres of petrol are sold into the retail and industrial markets of Australia. Petroleum distributors – sandwiched between powerful suppliers and extremely competitive customers – operate in a challenging business environment. Like commodity trading businesses, profits depend on achieving ever higher volumes on ever thinner margins. 

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