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Contaminated land is a critical issue for land holders, purchasers, sellers, business operators and developers of land, particularly those with environmentally sensitive operations. Contamination liability has the potential to make an otherwise attractive investment or business commercially unviable.

Businesses working in the downstream petroleum industry and on land development projects should be especially aware of the compliance requirements for contaminated land. The legislative framework and reporting obligations in New South Wales are particularly onerous and therefore risk management, regulatory compliance and contractual protections are essential.

This second edition of Moulis Legal’s national contaminated land guide for businesses considers the key risks, obligations and challenges faced by owners and occupiers of contaminated land in New South Wales.

Business guide to contaminated land in New South Wales

This guide presents an overview and commentary of the subject matter. It is not provided in the context of a solicitor-client relationship and no duty of care is assumed or accepted. It does not constitute legal advice.

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