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Modern slavery and the supply chain – from reporting on risks to destroying affected products

Companies in Australia with over A$100m in annual revenue are obliged by law to report on the risk of forced labour in their international supply chains.

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Greater protection needed in Australian privacy laws

The Attorney General has published his long awaited review of the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

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Bots v Lawyers – how AI is going to change the business of law

The latest development in AI (or “deep-learning”) models is ChatGPT, a chatbot whose responses to natural language prompts are so detailed and articulate that anyone who’s used it is probably wondering whether their job is now at risk.

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Serious privacy breaches – The latest stats and how you can protect your organisation

A general lack of clarity has led to poor levels of compliance, and many Australian businesses have got used to treating customer information as an asset rather than a liability”. Moulis Legal’s special counsel, Graeme Fearon, provides an insight into the most interesting current trends on data breaches.

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Australia’s national insecurity on hi-tech minerals investment

The Australian Government is reportedly considering ways to limit foreign investment in critical minerals on the grounds of national security.

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Didi fined $1.2B for breaching China’s data security laws

Last year, we reported on China’s new Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) which came into force on 1 November 2021. PIPL sits alongside the Data Security Law (DSL) and Cybersecurity Law (CSL) at the heart of China’s integrated cyber and data governance regime.

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Consequences of the Optus data breach

The Optus data breach of September 2022 is possibly the largest to have ever affected Australia consumers.

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Government procurement processes back in the spotlight

The Australian National Audit Office (“ANAO”) has published a report on “Procurement by the National Capital Authority” looking at the effectiveness of its procurement activities. While the findings are no doubt disappointing for the National Capital Authority (“NCA”), the report provides valuable reminders for all Australian Government entities regarding procurement best practice and pitfalls to avoid.

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The future of blockchain technology - is there life after Apes?

Blockchain technology (aka “distributed ledger technology”, aka “DLT”) is a game-changer, with implications for all aspects of society and commerce. Digital assets secured on a blockchain are quick, cheap and efficient to process, while also being “smart”, secure and traceable.

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Government tender processes…the devil’s in the detail

In 2020-21 there were 84,054 contracts published on AusTender with a combined value of $69.8 billion. If you add to that Commonwealth contracts below the reporting thresholds and State and local government procurement activities (not to mention government grant processes), there is no doubt that selling to government presents considerable opportunity for businesses.

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