On Thursday 30 March, prominent local property industry leaders gathered at Minter Ellison in Barton with local and interstate participants in the Property Council of Australia’s 100 Women in Property program to celebrate its launch.

Suzanne Moulis, Chair of the Diversity Committee of the Property Council of Australia ACT Division, shared her own stories of sponsorship and reflected on the structure of the program:

The relationship between the participants and the sponsors is key. There is a significant difference between being a mentor and being a sponsor and the Property Council has selected this terminology quite intentionally, because it does make a difference. And, sponsorship only works when it’s a two-way street. Sponsors have a proactive role, identifying opportunities, putting you forward, offering guidance and giving critical feedback, because they believe in you. Nominees need to deliver. When a sponsor puts their faith in you as up-and-coming talent, they need to know that they can totally depend on you — because they are putting their name on the line to back you and your career goals.

Suzanne also reflected on the immediate need for programs such as the 100 Women in Property initiative:

The sad state of affairs remains that most of the differences in diversity measurements between the genders still come down to sexism.  38% of the gender pay gap is not due to part-time work, time away from work or industry choice – it is due to sexism.  An unwillingness to reimagine the workplace so that we can keep pace with the our complex environment. So let’s generate a powerful force of change – not changing women, but changing our industry.

Moulis Legal lawyers Lisa Eldridge and Alexandra Geelan are participating in this year’s program. For more information visit 100 Women in Property.