16 May 2018

The Property Council of Australia held its Innovation and Excellence Awards 2018 gala dinner on Friday, May 11. Moulis Legal was proud to present the award for Moulis Legal Award for Diversity > 250 Employees.

Leading up to the awards ceremony, I was pleased to see that many businesses are progressing when it comes to diversity. Traditionally, the property industry has not had the best track record embracing diversity and inclusion, but there are signs that the times are changing. Businesses are gaining an understanding of the importance of creating workplaces that support everyone and the opportunities that come from investing in inclusive initiatives and having more diverse pools of talent. Many companies now realise that smart business is about supporting diversity and inclusion, not ignoring it.

While there is still work to be done, it was exciting to see how some companies have made real inroads into addressing unacceptable behaviour within their own business and taken a positive approach to encouraging diversity. This year’s winner, Cushman & Wakefield is a case in point.

Their culture of inclusion starts from the top and permeates throughout their entire organisation, with initiatives that support gender equity, disability inclusion and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement. At the core of each initiative is an understanding and recognition that their business is about people, not bricks and mortar. Their human heart drives everything they do and is helping them to build a stronger and better business. Congratulations to everyone at Cushman & Wakefield for your inspiring work.

The other finalists were GHD and JLL. Both demonstrated an admirable commitment to diversity and inclusion, with benefits that were evident for individuals within their business and their organisation as a whole.

Moulis Legal is proud to be associated with businesses who are guided by their ethics and invest in all of their people to be the best they can be. We will be eagerly watching how the industry innovates and re-imagines the way it operates in the future.


Moulis Legal is proud to sponsor the Property Council of Australia’s Award for Diversity > 250 Employees, recognising the positive contribution made by organisations that demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity within the property industry |