This week, Moulis Legal lawyer Alexandra Geelan speaks with Gemma Lloyd from Diverse City Careers about current and future trends and issues in recruiting for diversity and creating a female friendly and inclusive workplace.

Gemma is the co-founder and director of client engagement at Diverse City Careers. Her background and experiences in IT led her, together with her co-founder Valeria Ignatieva, to create Australia’s only jobs board that selects companies based on their internal policies and culture, and specifically on whether they’ve created a female-friendly workplace. Gemma is a passionate advocate for gender equality in Australia and regularly speaks and hosts events for women throughout Australia.

Listen to the podcast here: Diversity Dialogue

Moulis Legal is the proud sponsor of the Moulis Legal Award for Diversity >250 Employees as part of the 2017 Property Council Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards. Each week in the lead up to the Property Council of Australia’s Innovation and Excellence Awards Gala Dinner on 5 May 2017, Moulis Legal will be releasing the Diversity Dialogue podcasts. In these podcasts, Moulis Legal will be speaking to some of the finalists for the Moulis Legal Award for Diversity as well as other key contributors to diversity and inclusion in Australia.

Next week, Ann Jovanovic will be talking to Sabrina Houssami-Richardson about her personal experiences around diversity and inclusion in Australia.