Here at Moulis Legal, we support flexible working. We don’t give lip service to the term because, statistically, it’s considered the popular trend. We actually apply it – literally, if you count yoga in the park during the day to keep our “zen” in what can, at times, be an intense profession. But it doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s engaging in active activities for a good cause, undertaking further studies to support our ongoing learning and development, being able to leave at a time that allows us to attend to family commitments or to pursue our other passions, we use flexible working conditions to suit our individual circumstances.

There is much literature and studies out there on the business benefits of flexible working arrangements, and we evidently see that among our staff – especially in relation to productivity, workplace culture and staff retention. The way we see it, we do it because we value and care about each and every staff member and we know that embracing this business practice leads to a sustainable work environment. It also dispels the notorious reputation of lawyers working in private practice “slogging” it out.

Work / life integration, particularly in the legal profession, needs to be more widely recognised. We believe that you can be a good lawyer and have a life, and this is why we joined the Diverse City Careers Flexible Working Ambassador List.