9 May 2024

Diversity in the law is not just a moral imperative.

It is vital for building trust in the legal system, ensuring that voices and experiences of different communities are represented. It is also an essential characteristic for law firms with international aspirations - as lawyers who bring diverse cultural and linguistic skills to the table can better empathise with peers and more effectively serve clients with cross-border legal needs.

Growing this understanding of the importance of diversity in the law, and its power, places firms in the pivotal position to be enablers of change.

As a commercial+international firm, we’ve built diversity into the cornerstone of our values of excellence, relationships, and innovation, to help us foster a culture where each one of our stakeholders is heard and celebrated.

In our blog ‘Moulis Legal around the globe’, every month we will invite our team members for meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion, seeking input, perspectives, and feedback. We will explore topics such as implicit bias, cultural competency, equitable representation, and inclusive leadership, providing insights and resources to support ongoing learning and development to our readers.

Our strength is in our diversity.

To kick off the first interview in our series, we sat with our chief executive officer, Zarmina Nasir, to talk to her about how her ethnicity and cultural background have assisted in her leadership role within the legal and business space.