Intellectual property

Moulis Legal is a specialist boutique intellectual property law firm that provides a full range of services relating to the protection, prosecution, and enforcement of patents, trade marks and designs. Our breadth of experience also expands to intellectual property audits and strategy services relating to copyright, patents, trade marks and designs.

Having identified and secured intellectual property rights, we put together legal strategies and documents to give effect to the commercialisation of these rights.

IP commercialisation

Commercialising your intellectual property means turning your ideas, inventions, designs, brand, or trademark into assets for commercial gain. This might take the form of marketing a new product or service or licensing your intellectual property to a third party.

Your intellectual property is a valuable part of your balance sheet. Commercialising your intellectual property rights leverages this value.

The path to commercialising your intellectual property typically contains a number of steps, from developing a marketable product or service, to preparing the necessary commercialisation plan and marketing strategy. Your path will depend on the nature of your intellectual property, the objectives of your business, and the risks and challenges you anticipate.

As part of the intellectual property commercialisation process, we also advise our clients on the full range of regulatory considerations, covering areas such as competition, data privacy, consumer contracts and trade-related issues.

We are home to a team of experienced and highly regarded intellectual property lawyers, patent attorneys, and trade mark attorneys. Our highly regarded team can help you identify, protect, and enforce your valuable intellectual property rights in Australia and internationally.

How to protect intellectual property

To protect international intellectual property rights, we can assist in filing trade mark applications through the Madrid Protocol, filing patent applications through the patent co-operation treaty (PCT) process, or filing directly through our international network of IP lawyers and attorneys.

We focus on maximising the return on your intellectual property and managing any associated commercial risks. We will work with you to develop a tailored commercialisation strategy that takes your unique circumstances into account and reflects your business goals.

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