Moulis Legal – now open for business in Melbourne


The Directors of Moulis Legal are pleased to announce the opening of our Melbourne office. Melbourne - the traditional “heartland” of Australian industry - is home to a growing stable of our valued clients, and also to a number of the important public sector agencies that impact them.


Penfolds raises a glass in China


In a landmark trade mark ruling from the Beijing High People’s Court, Treasury Wine Estates (“TWE”), the owner of the ‘Penfolds’ wine brand, has successfully challenged the registration of the lucrative ‘Ben Fu’ trade mark which had been registered by a well-known ‘trade mark squatter’ in China.


Canberra planning laws are bad news for Airbnb


The Supreme Court of Victoria has held that an Airbnb arrangement is a lease. On that basis the activity of the tenants in letting out their apartment was found to be in breach of a prohibition in their lease against subletting.


How to take over the world… with your trade mark


Our clients are often surprised to learn that their registered Australian trade marks do not apply in other countries. However, like other forms of registered intellectual property rights, it’s true - trade marks are only registered on a per country basis.