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We enjoy taking about many things, in particular diversity which is an integral part of any corporate organisation. We are committed to the promotion of diversity within the legal profession and in the industries in which we collaborate.

Property Council of Australia’s 500 Women in Property launch

Moulis Legal Chief Executive, Suzanne Moulis last night launched this year’s Property Council of Australia’s 500 Women in Property at Minter Ellison’s offices in Barton.

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Moulis Legal becomes a Diverse City Careers flexible working ambassador

Here at Moulis Legal, we support flexible working. We don’t give lip service to the term because, statistically, it’s considered the popular trend. We actually apply it – literally, if you count yoga in the park during the day to keep our “zen” in what can, at times, be an intense profession. But it doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s engaging in active activities for a good cause, undertaking further studies to support our ongoing learning and development, being able to leave at a time that allows us to attend to family commitments or to pursue our other passions, we use flexible working conditions to suit our individual circumstances.

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Moulis Legal helps to debunk millennial myths

Last night, Moulis Legal’s senior lawyer Ann Jovanovic joined the panel for the Property Council of Australia’s Future Directions event “Unlocking the Millennial Mindset”. There are many stereotypes out there on millennials, and often they are the subject of ridicule and criticism, but there’s no denying that they are set to take over the workforce (and in many organisations they already do). So rather than deriding this generation, it makes good business practice to understand how they work, how to attract and retain millennial talent, and how to support them in their career success. In this panel event, Ann – along with her panel members – sought to debunk the many generational myths surrounding millennials.

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Moulis Legal Diversity Dialogue – Crown Resorts

This week, Moulis Legal Associate Alistair Bridges speaks with Crown Resort’s Alicia Gleeson about the future of diversity in Australian workplaces.

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Moulis Legal Diversity Dialogue – Sabrina Houssami-Richardson

This week, Moulis Legal senior lawyer Ann Jovanovic speaks with Sabrina Houssami-Richardson about her personal experience with diversity and inclusion in Australia. As a Muslim Australian of Indian and Lebanese heritage, Sabrina is uniquely positioned to share her experiences of diversity in Australia, both in and out of the public eye. She is a former Miss World Australia, and The Apprentice Australia contestant as well as an author and member of Mensa (the high IQ society). She is currently in a senior talent acquisition capacity in state government, and sits on their Steering Committee for Disability.

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Moulis Legal Diversity Dialogue – Diverse City Careers

This week, Moulis Legal lawyer Alexandra Geelan speaks with Gemma Lloyd from Diverse City Careers about current and future trends and issues in recruiting for diversity and creating a female friendly and inclusive workplace.

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Property Council of Australia’s 100 Women in Property launch

On Thursday 30 March, prominent local property industry leaders gathered at Minter Ellison in Barton with local and interstate participants in the Property Council of Australia’s 100 Women in Property program to celebrate its launch.

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