Chambers Global recognises Daniel Moulis as the leading Australian trade lawyer

Daniel Moulis has been recognised by Chambers Global 2007 as the leading individual for WTO/International Trade in Australia. Chambers Global’s rankings are based on in-depth interviews with corporate counsel and with other individuals responsible for legal service purchasing in client corporations. 2007 was a very active year for us in trade advisory work. Consistent with Chambers Global’s observation that [a]s the practice of international law evolves, the precise location of individual lawyers becomes less relevant, the domicile of our clients and their matters were in many cases external to Australia, with Moulis Legal being appointed as lead counsel for regulatory and commercial matters affecting our clients’ interests in countries such as Japan, China, the United States and Brazil.

The past year also saw a large increase in our Australian customs-based work, as border issues have become a more critical aspect of due diligence for multinational companies. 2008 is shaping up as another busy year for our trade law practice group. We continue to build our resources, through recruitment and through alliances with other firms and consultants, to better serve our clients. Daniel’s number one ranking could not have been achieved without the valued support of our clients and our wider network of contacts around the world. We sincerely thank all of you for your trust and your friendship.

We also congratulate the other lawyers and firms recognised for their international trade law expertise by Chambers Global 2007, all of whom are contributing to the growth of an important practice area, critical to the globalisation of business and international cooperation.

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Daniel Moulis
Partner Director