About Diversity

Our diversity, your advantage

Diversity is more than an attractive concept here at Moulis Legal. It is part of our DNA. We live it, promote it, celebrate it and share it within our firm, with our clients, and with other industries – to everyone’s advantage.

Diversity for our clients

Diversity gives us the social and intellectual depth to generate the ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We are a team of highly experienced lawyers diverse in our knowledge, legal experience across different industries and professional and personal attributes. We draw on these strengths to deliver high quality legal services to our clients.

Our diversity is an advantage to our clients because it enables us to embrace collaboration and understanding among ourselves, our clients and the business and regulatory environment within which they operate. Diversity gives us the ability to develop innovative legal solutions within the bounds of the law to create better outcomes for our clients. It positions us so that we are agile, flexible and receptive to change.

Diversity for our staff

We value the diversity that makes up our team of talented lawyers and staff, and the vibrant work culture it creates. We see diversity as a significant part of what enhances our firm. It enables us to collaborate with our clients and it gives us the innovative edge to think laterally beyond the black letter of the law.

We are committed to diversity in the way we:

  • Recognise, support and promote young talent
  • Invest in leadership training and opportunities for our young female lawyers
  • Recruit and work with different lawyers of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Offer flexible work conditions that support work / life balance
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for our lawyers across other industries, such as the Property Council’s ‘100 Women in Property’ program
  • Create real opportunities and encourage our lawyers to connect and build relationships with our diverse clients and their industries

Diversity for our communities

We believe diversity matters. Whether it be a small or large organisation, we see it as an integral part of any organisation’s corporate social responsibility. We are committed to the promotion of it within the legal profession and in the industries in which we collaborate. This is why we are the proud sponsors of the Property Council of Australia’s Moulis Legal Award for Diversity, which aims to encourage and recognise businesses across a broad spectrum of the property industry who share a long-term holistic commitment to diversity.

Our diversity blog

We enjoy talking about the many issues relating to diversity. For more details, head to our diversity blog.