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Diversity in the decade of disruption


We are entering what industry pundits are calling the “decade of disruption”. As we do, advancing technologies and entrepreneurial ideas are set to trigger a mass extinction of traditional businesses.


Capturing the magic of a multigenerational workforce


Youth is for education, adulthood for work, and old age for retirement. Not anymore. While people trudged through these very fixed stages of life in the 20th century, our nation has changed – and the way we live is changing too.


Diversity of opinion and innovative solutions


Australians are renowned for their smart ideas.[1] In this day and age, there is a large focus by businesses and Australian governments on innovation, on being able to “think outside the box”.


Beyond the diversity talk


From the homogeneity in this year's Oscar nominations to an equality champion and former chief of Army being named Australian of the Year, diversity has been in the headlines a lot lately.


Diversity in talent = new perspectives and solutions


The most important asset for any professional services business is its people. The quality and value of the services that are provided to clients and customers are a direct reflection of the people delivering the services.